Why Did Naruto Marry Hinata?

Naruto and Hinata are a one-of-a-kind pair in the Naruto series. Their love tales are anything but flowers and peaches. Let’s look at why Naruto married Hinata.
Despite having a great infatuation on Sakura and a love triangle between Naruto-Sakura-Sasuke, Naruto finally chose to marry Hinata Hyuuga. So, what is the significance of Naruto’s marriage to Hinata?

Was it because they were linked by their fatal meeting as children? or was it because they were linked by fate’s scarlet threads?

So, without further ado, let us delve into Hinata and Naruto’s unusual bond.

Why Did Naruto Marry Hinata?

Before we get to why Naruto married Hinata, let’s take a look at their first formal encounter at the ninja academy.

Although Naruto and Hinata originally met as children when the former saved the latter, things were not the same at the academy.

Naruto’s initial impression of Hinata was that she was “strange” and “quiet.” Their first encounter in the series occurred when Hinata volunteered to assist Naruto in cheating from her answer sheet during a test, as well as when Hinata provided Naruto ointment after his preliminary bout.

Second, during Rinata’s confrontation with Neji, Naruto supported her and defended her when she was insulted by Neji. Later, Naruto acknowledged Hinata’s oddness while still admitting to like her. Many stories and incidents in the series later lead to Naruto and Hinata’s love bond.

Similarly, Hinata did not fall in love with Naruto at first sight. It was always her adoration that finally developed to amorous sentiments. Here are some of the reasons Naruto and Hinata picked one another.

Hinata’s Admiration for Naruto

Naruto’s will to win, as well as his passion and desire to practise hard, pleased Hinata. She also appreciated Naruto’s determination to complete even the most difficult assignments.

Throughout the series, Hinata has always protected Naruto and has always backed him.

Tied By The Red Strings of Fate

In the Naruto Series, the Red Thread is the thread that connects two souls who are intended to be together. This is a Chinese folklore about soulmates. Through this thread, Naruto and Hinata were bonded together.

They were going to fall for each other in some manner. This strand, as well as their affections for one other, became more prominent in The Last: Naruto The Movie. It also depicted how Naruto and Hinata met as children, as well as the consequences of the red threads.

Naruto has no recollection of ever meeting Hinata as a youngster. Hinata kept Naruto’s old scarf to herself until now. Naruto’s recollection of Hinata was triggered when he felt his old scarf, which had always been with Hinata.

Complicated Relationship

Naruto and Hinata’s relationship was more difficult than that of Sasuke and Sakura.

Their love story, relationship, and marriage decision were not depicted in a continuous viewpoint. Even in the manga, there was no real sense of continuity in their relationship.

Naruto and Hinata confessed to each other in the series. In the episodes, they had very few scenes together.

In the film “The Last,” Naruto proposed to Hinata. The NaruHina pair chose to marry without ever courting.

Naruto Can Make Hinata Laugh

Hinata has laughed in a few episodes, and there are very few persons who can make Hinata laugh completely.

Her self-conscious nature prevented her from interacting honestly with everyone. Several of the few good moments occurred when Naruto and Hinata dined with some friends over ramen. Both Naruto and Hinata laughed as they discussed a friend’s sunglasses.
During her wedding, Hinata was seen giggling uncontrollably. Naruto’s previous mentor Iruka made a witty remark about Naruto and apologised to Hinata, which made her laugh a lot. As a result, only Naruto has the ability to make Hinata laugh.

Both of Them Had Complicated Childhood

It is said that individuals who are in the same agony understand one other. The same was true for Naruto and Hinata. The circumstances in their lives were different, yet they both had a difficult upbringing.

Naruto, being a vehicle for Kurama, the nine-tailed beast, was always feared and regarded as a monster in his own right. In the Hidden-Leaf Village, he was labelled as an outsider.

Naruto was a lonely youngster neglected by the world since he had no house, no parents, and no other family members to look after him. Being bullied, secluded, and battered also severely harmed his intellect. As a result, he possessed a strong personality.

Hinata, on the other hand, was the heir of the Hyuuga Clan, another well-known ninja clan. She has had a kind demeanour from infancy. She despised the tough training, which made her father more rougher on her during training.

While Naruto desired to stand out more and become more strong as a result of his upbringing as an outcast, Hinata want to blend in more since his father harshly scolded her. As a result, these two souls became balanced as a whole in agony.

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